Silambam and AdiMurai are closely related Tamil Arts and have origins that can be traced to even before the 2nd Century BC, from present day Tamil Nadu.

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Adimurai is a martial art originating in Tamilakam. It was traditionally practiced in erstwhile Travancore and in Kanyakumari district. Its preliminary empty-hand techniques are called Adithada and application of vital points are called VarmaAdi, although these terms are sometimes interchangeably used to refer to the martial art itself. Adimurai is a portmanteau in the Tamil language where adi means “to hit or strike” and murai means method or procedure. This ancient fighting style is mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature 400 BCE. In modern period it is used with armed art of Tamil. The art focuses on self-defense. The focus of all assaults, kicks, and locks is on the vital Varma points.

This art, which includes a lethal pressure point strike component (Varma Adi), has been maintained as a well-guarded secret by its practitioners and is only taught to a select few.

Silambam (as an armed fighting art utilized on the battlefield) and Adithadi (as a combat sport component of Adi Murai) peaked under the Chola and Pandya empires, with silambam as an armed combat art and Adithadi and malyutham as combat sports.


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  • Varmakalari Adimurai is the traditional martial arts practiced by ancient Tamils. Lemuria varmakalari adimurai world organization is a martial arts school mainly focusing in adimurai kalai
  • Students from more than 27+ Countries are studying in our organization and showing their support and contribution
  • There are 3000 above students are Studying in our organization and our strength increases day by day. And Highly Qualified masters are taking Classes via zoom app also ground classes are available
  • Adimurai is a single Course that contains 21 levels each and we are training adimurai yoga, parai Isai, kalari, varmam, Gymnastics, mallar kambam, mallar kayiru etc.
  • We are planning to take this art to the next level.


These are the 21 levels of courses In Lemuria varmakalari adimurai world organizations also we are providing course certificates and katchats according to level ups.