Silamba Nilai

Nillaikalakki Silambam is an ancient Tamil Martial Art which promotes Tamil culture and lineage system of Guru and Student mechanism. The respect for previous Grandmasters in the lineage and forefathers of Nillaikalakki is very important in this art.

The Narikuravar tribe from Krunji Mountains is the founding natives of the art. The tribe is high worshipper of Lord Muruga and for this reason, Nillaikalakki art always been associate with the Lord Muruga. Thus, in every Nillaikalakki religious activities, prayer for Lord Muruga is always been included.

As forefathers of Nillaikalakki are Yogies, Ashramam Gurus and Medicine Practitioners, Nillaikalakki Silambam always been associated with spiritual journey and thus, students are encouraged to be vegetarian, abstain from smoking, alcoholic consumption and other immoral activities.

​There are no foreign martial art elements has been introduced in Nillaikalakki syllabus as way to preserve the originality of the art.