305,Ganapathy nager 2nd street, Near Bharat Petrol Bulk, Chettikulam Jn, Nagercoil,Kanyakumari District. Tamilnadu -629002 India.


  1. I agree and declare that the above mentioned information of myself/daughter/son/ward provided by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and no information has been willingly altered or cancelled.
  2. I hereby willingly like to enroll myself and make this application join Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisation(henceforth referred as VAWO).
  3. I agree to abide by all the rules, regulations and ‘Dojo Etiquette and Procedures‘ of Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationwhich may be updated from time to time.
  4. I also have NO OBJECTION if the Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationuses my /daughter/son/ward’s pictures, videos, names etc as advertisement through newspaper, internet, brochures, banners etc.
  5. I am aware that Karate-Do is primary a martial art and I agree to act with full responsibility and shall not misuse it. I will use my martial arts skills in case of extreme emergency for SELF-DEFENSE purpose only. I will NOT indulge or participate in any action which may be harmful anyone or to the prestige and honor of Karate-Do and to Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisation or the Institution where the class is conducted.
  6. The VAWO can make modifications to the class schedule if necessary this may include altering the current class schedule, closing school on public holidays or for special karate events, meetings and any other purposes. Such modifications do not relieve the student of the payment obligations.
  7. Student’s failure to attend classes does not relieve the obligation to pay the agreed tuition fee for the month in full. Fees once paid are not refundable in any case.
  8. If a student remains absent for more than 20 days and has not provided a reasonable excuse for these absences, then it may lead to cancellation of membership/enrollment.
  9. The VAWO do not warrant that the use of protective equipments will completely eliminate the possibility of accident or injury but shall reduce the risk of accident of injury. In recognition the possibility of an accident or injury connected with martial arts training in VAWO, I waive any rights or cause of any kind of action arising from such activities and any liabilities against the VAWO, its volunteers, Instructors, Principal Instructors, Technical, Employees and the managing committee. The Karate students need to carry their own safety equipments required for training.
  10. I am aware and understand that physical contact will be used by principal instructors, instructors, examiners of the VAWO, other students or authorized individuals as part of my training and instruction and for which I have my full consent to any physical contact as may be required or essential to martial arts and self-defense training.
  11. I agree and completely aware that “Karate-Do” is primary a martial art and a contact sport and my participation in Karate training / test / competitions / demonstrations/ seminars / camps or for any unforeseen circumstances which can lead to any kind of injury both major / minor, mishap or any kind of accident. By signing this application form I agree to accept the full responsibility of injuries both major and minor, mishap and any kind of accident which might occur to myself / child / ward and declare that the Principal Instructor & Examiner, the Instructors, Officials or the institution named Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationshall NOT be held responsible.
  12. I agree and fully aware that I shall not to share the knowledge with other style members. On misbehavior /indiscipline/ or participating in any kind of illegal activities then the disciplinary action will be taken against the student, if necessary legal action can be also taken.
  13. The student agrees not to engage in any other form of martial arts training or teaching without permission of the Principal Instructor of VAWO 50 km of radius of our Dojo (Karate Training Centre) during the term of this contract and for a period of 10 years following disassociation with VAWO.
  14. I understand and agree that I shall participate in competitions, training camps, seminars, workshops, belt examinations is mandatory as it is a part of my learning and training of Karate-Do.
  15. I also do not have any objection for my participation in the events and karate belt exams organized by the Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationand shall agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the test.
  16. Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationteaches highly advanced Karate techniques to its students. Hence we expect the students to be very respectful, sincere and loyal to organization and its students, Instructors, Officials and Principal Instructor.

Undertaking: I would like to enroll myself/ my daughter/ my son for the Karate-Do training course in Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisationunder the guidance of Selvan Aasan and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Karate-Do School named Varmakalari Adimurai World Organisation.