Lemuria Varmakalari Adimurai (Martial Tamil Arts)

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Varmakalari Adimurai is a traditional martial arts for people in Tamil. After the English invasion and many other invasions, many of our traditional heroic games were forgotten. It is a great pleasure to save some of them like silambam, kalari, adimurai, gymnastic,malcomb, malrope, varmam from the brink of extinction and now carry our traditional arts around the world. We are planning to take this art to the next level.  


Efforts are underway to find ancient and establish ancient monuments to preserve and nurture our Varmakalari Adimurai. We are planning to build Thai kalam for varmakalari adimurai in succhedram area of kanyakumari just like a Shaolin temple for Kung fu. We will build up a temple who developed the art like Bogan, Bothi dharmar, Agathiyar, and setup individual units of kalari silambam, gymnastic, malcomb malrope varmam, Adimurai, iyarkai vaithiyam, iyarkai unavu murai. We plan to build the Thaikalam for world wide activists and masters to stay and practice. We would like to remind everyone who loves our art to visit our Thaikalam at least once and are engaged in a noble endeavor to bring it to people all over the world.

Thaikalam project over cost is more than 50 Lack. Kindly join us for fundraising for Thaikalam. We request your wholehearted donation for the same. With your co-operation, we assure you of the proper use of the donation. In such a way we do something good for our Nation. Your Cooperation is always received with thanks.

Thaikalam Project Projection